Hillsdale Community Church Foundation

The Hillsdale Community Church Foundation was established in 1995 to strengthen the church's continuing ministry. Gifts to the Foundation are in addition to general fund giving.

The Foundation receives memorial funds and other gifts from donors who designate their gifts to the Foundation. Memorial funds are gifts to the church as a memorial to a loved one, usually by friends and family after the loved one's death. Bequests, endowments, and other special gifts are given directly by a donor.

Donations given for a specific purpose (for example, the building fund or organ fund) are also accepted. The Foundation will actively work to honor the donor's wishes and will prudently manage the money.

Memorial funds and other gifts to the HCC Foundation are invested in the Foundation's interest-bearing Certificates of Deposit (CDs) and mutual funds. The five directors of the Foundation manage the funds. They are elected at the annual meeting by the members of Hillsdale Community Church, United Church of Christ.

The Foundation also has a planned giving program. Planned giving can take the form of cash, stocks and bonds, a will, a trust, real estate, or life insurance. The various options can reduce your gross taxable estate, obtain a sizable deduction, or provide you with ongoing income now while ensuring the church's long-term financial security. As with all matters related to your financial plans, be sure to consult your attorney, CPA, or other qualified professional as to the tax consequences specific to your situation.

The Foundation directors calculate a percentage of the value of the fund on January 1 for distribution during the year. The pastor, Consistory, and church committees can request funds to further the work of the church. The Foundation also matches individual donations for in-care seminary students.

Foundation funds have helped purchase enhancements to the church such as kitchen updating, roof repair, pipe organ expansion, benches in front of the church, bell tower, Sunday School curriculum, grounds improvements, and Texas Street improvement.


Rewards Programs

The HCC Foundation has enrolled in rewards programs created by Fred Meyer and Amazon. Both of these rewards programs provide an automatic way for you to financially support the Foundation. Fred Meyer and AmazonSmiles donate a percentage of your purchase price to the Foundation without affecting your benefits in any way. This is a very easy way for you to support the HCC Foundation as your charitable organization any time of the year!


Enroll in AmazonSmile by visiting smile.amazon.com and entering our code or name (Hillsdale Community Church, 93-0498549) in the pop-up window. If you are currently donating to another organization and would like to change to HCC, go to your Amazon account and in the “Shopping and Programs and Rentals” select “Change Your Charity.” Your Amazon benefits will not be affected and HCC will receive a charity donation from Amazon.


If you have a Fred Meyer Rewards card, visit fredmeyer.com/communityrewards. Scroll down the page and select “re-enroll or link your Rewards Card now.” On the “Find Your Organization” pop-up, enter our code: 94830. If you do not have a Rewards Card, visit a Freddy’s customer service desk and pick one up. They are free and benefits paid to HCC do not affect your Rewards benefits.