Hillsdale Community Church Covenant


At Hillsdale Community Church, United Church of Christ, we want to honor God in our relationships.  Therefore, we value and commit to the following:

To Respect each other, ourselves, and all of Creation

• We will accept that there will be differences of opinion, perspective, and style, and will embrace the diversity of our spiritual family.

• We choose to be quick to listen, slow to speak, and mindful of the words we choose.

• We respect the community God has built at Hillsdale Community Church and will avoid creating divisions or factions.

• We choose to walk hand-in-hand even when we don’t see eye-to-eye.

To be an Open-Minded spiritual and religious community, because God is still speaking.

• We will listen with open minds to the opinions, ideas, and concerns of others, and will respond with thoughtfulness and sensitivity. We will remember that our church is stronger when each person is heard.

• We recognize that disagreements and conflicts are normal and natural and are an opportunity for growth. We will strive not to let conflicts diminish relationships.

• We choose to learn from one another rather than to enforce our particular point of view.

To Communicate kindly, clearly, and directly.

• We will ask questions to seek understanding, and will honor each person’s point of view.

• We will speak honestly about principles and ideas rather than personalities.

• We choose not to gossip, but to speak positively about one another.

• We will speak directly to those with whom we have conflict rather than complaining to others. We will seek pastoral advice as needed.

To Serve Others first and honor the journeys of all who enter our community.

• We will remember that we are here to serve others, and that means we may be inconvenienced as we carry out God’s work in the world.

• We will seek to discover what is best for our church as a whole, not just what is best for ourselves or those who think as we do.

By God’s grace, we commit to loving and serving one another and our community. We pray that our life together will be a demonstration of the love that Christ has already shown us.


Approved by the congregation, August 28, 2016