Room for Rent Needed in 2016

By Louise Albagli, from The Tidings

My friend and co-worker, Judy Quinto (who some of you met a few years ago) is retiring from the Post Office on December 31. She’ll be moving to the Philippines next May to be with her children and grandchildren.

Judy’s apartment lease ends December 31, but she needs to remain in the U.S. for another four months—January through April—to handle various things. She needs a room to rent for that time. The most she can afford is $280. Judy is a good cook. If you like Filipino food, she can teach you some good recipes!

If anyone has a room to rent for this short term, please contact Louise. 

HCCUCC Helps Homeless Shelter

From The Tidings

Doreen’s Place, a homeless shelter located on Hoyt St. (near the train station) and run by city agency Transition Projects, is a place where homeless men can go to have an evening meal and get a bed for the night. Our church has committed to serving a nutritious meal at this shelter once a month. The meal is lovingly prepared with the thought that the men will be able to enjoy a good and plentiful meal.

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Stewardship Campaign Begins

by drake Mitchell, treasurer

This year will be remembered as a busy, momentous, even landmark year for Hillsdale Community Church, United Church of Christ. We are in the process of bidding farewell to a beloved pastor who has been with us for eight years, and we’ll break ground on the most significant remodel/ upgrade of our building in many decades. It is a time of beginnings and endings, as well as a time of much new and refocused activity, both within our building and in our faith community. It is also time for us to begin to consider our Stewardship Campaign for 2016.

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Sunday Adult Ed Series on Pastor Jennifer's Book

Starting Sunday, August 16th, the 9 AM Study Group will start a three-week series on Jennifer’s book, Swim, Bike, Run, Breathe: How I Lost A Triathlon And Caught My Breath. And that’s not all. As time allows, both “the author and her husband” will make appearances to share thoughts and answer questions. This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to read Jennifer’s memoir in community with others who are going through the difficult process of saying goodbye to her, Jeffand Elijah.

Since the Study Group usually meets in the Mt. Hood Room, with a seating capacity of about a dozen, it might be helpful to let Dennis Frengle know (503-867-6454 or if you’ll be coming, just in case the numbers justify our moving elsewhere.

Prior to the first meeting, plan to have read the Introduction and Part I. If you don’t have a book already, see Jennifer. They’re $15.  

From the Pastor

May will be an exciting month at Hillsdale UCC. Having received a second bid, we will be able to move ahead with the permitting and elevator- ordering—another step toward beginning our long-awaited construction.

On the whole, as I told you in worship on April 12, I think we are doing the right thing to improve and modernize this building which is our collective greatest asset.

It is, however, a concern of mine that we might begin to think that we are installing an elevator so that the 85 of us gathered here on Sunday mornings can ride up and down for an hour.

Instead, we give generously—sacrificially, even—not to something that belongs to us: the people we like and the people like us and the people sitting here now. We give generously— sacrificially, even—exactly because this building does NOT belong to us. This building is a gift, passed on to us by others for us to hold until we can pass it on again: not just with the people we like, or who are not messy, or who can give us something in return, or who think like us—but for all people.

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Holy Week Journey - Friday

At Children's Chapel on Palm Sunday (March 29), the children took a walk through Holy Week.  
Everyone is invited to join the youth on this walk.

Jesus is crucified on the cross after his teaching of love for all
threatens those in power.

Today, say you are sorry to someone you have hurt. Pray, asking for forgiveness.