Stewardship Campaign Begins

by drake Mitchell, treasurer

This year will be remembered as a busy, momentous, even landmark year for Hillsdale Community Church, United Church of Christ. We are in the process of bidding farewell to a beloved pastor who has been with us for eight years, and we’ll break ground on the most significant remodel/ upgrade of our building in many decades. It is a time of beginnings and endings, as well as a time of much new and refocused activity, both within our building and in our faith community. It is also time for us to begin to consider our Stewardship Campaign for 2016.

While the generous tithes and offerings we receive really do keep our doors open, they also do much more. When called upon to summarize our annual budget, we divide it into the usual categories that all churches use to attribute their financial commitments: mission, personnel, occupancy expenses, administration, and church programs. An alternative form of accounting would make our achievements and contributions as a community of faith more apparent. This different accounting— an accounting of action and time spent—shows that our annual budget consists of 21% worship, 13% pastoral care, 39% administration and occupancy, 8% Christian education, 9% evangelism, and 10% mission. Through our personnel, our dedicated teams/committees, through maintenance of a vibrant, soon-to-be accessible meeting space, we walk the walk of being a community of Christian faith that is active in the world, and your gifts make all these activities possible.

As we embark on our Stewardship campaign for 2016, know that your generosity makes the work of Hillsdale Community Church possible. Thanks for helping keep our open and affirming doors open and our faith community active and vibrant.